Friday, 15 June 2007

Jarvis is Melting!

The newly renovated Southbank Centre or the Royal Festival Hall as it used to be known (how pointlessly anti-monarchy can they be???) is gearing itself up for the Jarvis Cocker-curated Meltdown Festival which kicks off tomorrow. As well as some backside-kicking shows from the likes of Devo, Cornershop and the Jesus & Mary Chain, the former Pulp man on demi-god of Britpop will be performing twice himself; Once supported by the excellent (if not slightly over-egged 1990s) and for a second time playing Disney classics as part of Hil Wilner's Forest of No Return show. This will also the likes of Beth Orton, Nick Cave and the East End's dealer's favourite user, Mr Pete Doherty. The fact the ex Libertine is not the most controversial figure performing is a testament to the line up which also features borderline alcoholic Shane MacGowan and recently outed Nazi (although he says otherwise), Bryan Ferry . Still, I suppose it's fitting considering Hitler bankrolled Disney during the war....allegedly.

Still, whatever awaits the sell-out crowd, I'm sure Jarv will turn it around, after all, this won't be his first cover...

Javris Cocker - I Can't Forget (Leonard Cohen cover)

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