Saturday, 31 March 2007

Los Campesinos!

Ever since Panic! At The Disco exploded like puss-filled boil all over the charts/popular culture, I've been suspicious of bands with an exclamation mark in their name. Luckily the wonderful wonderful wonderful Los Campesinos! restored my faith in punctuation.

The tunes show marks of adolescent fun in a Go!-Team-minus-samples style mixed with the deadly cool lyrical wit of early Belle & Sebastian help propell the songs in the most charming way possible couple this with lofi riffs straight out of the Yo La Tengo School of Tuneful Noise and LC! elevate themselves effortlessly above the clutter of heartless noise-pop outfits being groomed in the wings. Wichita are rarely wrong with their signings and I'm pretty sure Los Campesinos will do them proud.

The new single is free to download from their funtastic website here and further couple of tracks can also be found below:

Los Campesinos! - Don't Tell me to do the Math(s)
Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing!

Friday, 30 March 2007

A New National Anthem

Twelve of them to be precise. Of course, I speak not of good ole "God Save the Queen" but of top New York outfit The National. The hotly tipped 3rd full record "Boxer" is released on May 22nd 2007 worldwide on Beggars. I for one am VERY excited. If you get the chance to see them live I recommend you do so. They're in town (well, my town) on 22nd May at the Astoria and if you can't make that, they'll be at the Mean Fiddler promoted (read: boutique cash cow) Latitude Festival in Suffolk over the weekend of the 13-15 July.

The tracklisting for "Boxer" is as stated below:

01 Fake Empire
02 Mistaken for Strangers
03 Brainy
04 Squalor Victoria
05 Green Gloves
06 Slow Show
07 Apartment Story
08 Start a War
09 Guest Room
10 Racing Like a Pro
11 Ada
12 Gospel

A further treat can also be found here.

Don't say I'm not good to you!

Thursday, 29 March 2007

My First Post

OK, Go me!

I'm blogged up and ready to go. I've been busy looking at music blogs for a few months now and have FINALLY decided to join the not-so-huddled masses.

Updates - I imagine - will be sporadic but when they arrive hopefully they'll inform and intrigue.