Thursday, 12 April 2007

Set Your Faces To Amused

The marvellous, splendiferous, hilarious (and any other word ending "...ous") Peep Show returns to the screen of Channel 4 TOMORROW! Yup, the return of Jezz and Mark is REALLY welcome and what the HECK is going to happen?? Will Mark get married out of Embarrassment? Will Jezz get his second shot with Big Suze and Will Super Hans beat the crack? It is, as he has reminded us "rather moreish"!

Now this is a music blog so out of respect and excitement for Peep Show, I've stuck on a little bit of Harvey Danger to get you in the mood. EVERYBODY: "Paranoia! Paranoia! Everybody's coming to get me..."

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Easter's Almost Here

39 days of struggling my way through Lent has been tough; giving up The Simpsons, chocolate AND Football Manager 2007 has been chuffing hard I can tell you.

So in celebration of the stuffing/watching/playing that awaits me in less than a day, I thought I'd chuck up a choon! OK, I could have gone for "I am the Resurrection", I guess that'd be the obvious choice but way outta left-field.....

Quasi - The Golden Egg

Didn't see that coming did ya??

Happy Holidays, whatever you're up to!

Wednesday, 4 April 2007


Esiotrot are awesome.


There must be close to 1000 reasons as to why the rock ass. Firstly, they're named after one of my favourite childhood books which is worth a purchase on its own, but to top that off with a lofi genius and nods towards three of my most favourite bands: Pavement, Hefner and Belle & Sebastian and I personally have hit the jackpot.

The Brighton collective on the excellent Kentish label The Mentalist Association have tuned into something very uncool hence the lack of media-inklings floating around, in fact only DrownedinSound scalped a review of the newly released album "Schmesiotrot", yet for all this retro-alternativeness, it is both relevant and contemporary, pulling away from the 3 bands listed above and adding to their mix with aplomb. Tracks cover themes as wide ranging as over-reliance on technology, to indie girls dating pretty-boys, to punching William G. Stewart on 15-to-1, ther's literally something there for everyone. Listen for yourselves and then buy the record (just £5 from here).

Esiotrot - There'll be a Time for Nice Guys

Monday, 2 April 2007

Remember when....

Emo meant something TOTALLY different?

Emo: Geeky, all guy bands like The Get Up Kids and The Ataris working off the dumb (I mean it in the most musical non-offensive way) predecessors like Weezer and Fountains of Wayne, using simple infectious cords and endearing lyrical statements.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Emo is now this dark master driving forward Panic! at the Disco Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. Now, people think I'm being Indier than thou, but I can't tell the difference between P!ATD and FOB, I JUST CAN'T! What makes it so much more confusing is that The Ataris have gone all serious, Weezer are on hiatus and the Get up Kids seemingly vanished after producing one of the great records of the late 90s in "Something to Write Home About" (which actually WAS something to indeed, write home about).

Luckily The Hold Steady have turned up and thrust themselves towards the eager record-buying public. OK, it's a bit nu-skool Emo, but it rings of classic classic emo charm and I for one welcome them.

The Hold Steady - Chips Ahoy
and just because I can...The Ataris - San Dimas High School Football Rules