Friday, 22 June 2007


I am so damn confused!

Battles, New York's latest export have been bothering me for some time now. But is is because it's good? Or more thought-provokingly, because it's utter rubbish?

Thankfully, it can't be genre pigeonholed, something McNicholas over in NME-Towers will be hopping-mad about. It's too electro for indie, too indie for electro and is well produced to be lo-fi. it's a mystery. Recent single "Atlas" is the perfect example of this. It opens like something between Kasabian and Led Zeppelin before going off in a million different aural directions. I think I like it, I should do, I like similar stuff. The trouble is that for every awesome bit of tune there's an equally dreadful bit. In total I don't think there's a flawless track, but in spite of that, it all fits so nicely together. God! Is that good, I mean, I would ordinarily say "no, what use is it if they can't even write one full track that's good", but I'm still being roped in on it. I wouldn't care if they were all bad or all good or even if they were a bit "meh" but they're not, I can tell it's either gash or awesome but just can't fathom out which one they are.

Someone, HELP!

Battles - Atlas

Friday, 15 June 2007

Jarvis is Melting!

The newly renovated Southbank Centre or the Royal Festival Hall as it used to be known (how pointlessly anti-monarchy can they be???) is gearing itself up for the Jarvis Cocker-curated Meltdown Festival which kicks off tomorrow. As well as some backside-kicking shows from the likes of Devo, Cornershop and the Jesus & Mary Chain, the former Pulp man on demi-god of Britpop will be performing twice himself; Once supported by the excellent (if not slightly over-egged 1990s) and for a second time playing Disney classics as part of Hil Wilner's Forest of No Return show. This will also the likes of Beth Orton, Nick Cave and the East End's dealer's favourite user, Mr Pete Doherty. The fact the ex Libertine is not the most controversial figure performing is a testament to the line up which also features borderline alcoholic Shane MacGowan and recently outed Nazi (although he says otherwise), Bryan Ferry . Still, I suppose it's fitting considering Hitler bankrolled Disney during the war....allegedly.

Still, whatever awaits the sell-out crowd, I'm sure Jarv will turn it around, after all, this won't be his first cover...

Javris Cocker - I Can't Forget (Leonard Cohen cover)

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Rivoli Review

Knackered, beaten and dehydrated. I returned home from a rousing White Stripes gig in Brockley, South East London last night which has rendered me useless today.

The venue, as you will see was the most amazing 1950s Ballroom complete with chandeliers, Chinese lanterns and rich, red velvet drapes. The venue screamed "White Stripes" from the moment we walked in.

So in the sweltering heat (so hot, the print on my t-shirt started to become sticky) Jack and Meg too to the stage to play a blistering, breathless set compiled of classics ("Joleen", "Hotel Yorba" and closing number; "Seven Nation Army" receiving rapturous ovations) and material from the forthcoming album of which "Icky Thump" and highly-likely 2nd single "Effect and Cause" getting the biggest cheers. This was The White Stripes stripped back to a raw and emotive stage most thought they'd turned their back on. There were no elaborate staging, no fancy interpretations of the red/white/black dress code, no fashionable facial furniture. This was clearly a chance for all concerned to relive the early days of the 100 Club and to that effect, most notably the temperature, they succeeded.

So, off they march towards Wireless, no heating problems there, it's supposed to be chucking it down tomorrow. Ha ha!

Ps: The photos are action shots, they are not blurry....believe that and you'll believe anything.

Monday, 11 June 2007

White Stripes head South

Mighty duo The White Stripes play the tiny Rivoli Theatre in glorious (yet unfancied) South East London tomorrow night.

The gig will be in support of their new single and album Icky Thump. 3 days later they will be performing to a slightly larger audience in Hyde Park as park of the celebs/VIP festival of choice; Wireless.

I, luckily was one of the hundred or so early bird who secured Rivoli Theatre tickets, pictures will be uploaded in the next few days or so. For now, get icky people:

The White Stripes - Icky Thump

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Been a While

But finally you can rejoice, I'm back and blogging!

I come with news of an exciting evening of fun brought to you be the very best label in the world. The East Neuk's very own Fence Records. Yup, the DIY Scottish label based in the Commonwealth's last Kingdom (Fife) come to London featuring an evening of rural raconteurs from the likes of Adrian Crowley and the Pictish Trail. Someone else rather special may also be dropping by...wonder who that could be?

The details are above and I would urge all of you to GET YO ASSES along to EC2, just don't mention the "F" word ("Folk" that is).