Friday, 22 June 2007


I am so damn confused!

Battles, New York's latest export have been bothering me for some time now. But is is because it's good? Or more thought-provokingly, because it's utter rubbish?

Thankfully, it can't be genre pigeonholed, something McNicholas over in NME-Towers will be hopping-mad about. It's too electro for indie, too indie for electro and is well produced to be lo-fi. it's a mystery. Recent single "Atlas" is the perfect example of this. It opens like something between Kasabian and Led Zeppelin before going off in a million different aural directions. I think I like it, I should do, I like similar stuff. The trouble is that for every awesome bit of tune there's an equally dreadful bit. In total I don't think there's a flawless track, but in spite of that, it all fits so nicely together. God! Is that good, I mean, I would ordinarily say "no, what use is it if they can't even write one full track that's good", but I'm still being roped in on it. I wouldn't care if they were all bad or all good or even if they were a bit "meh" but they're not, I can tell it's either gash or awesome but just can't fathom out which one they are.

Someone, HELP!

Battles - Atlas

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