Sunday, 25 November 2007

Weepop! Records

Since I was a young lad stuck in my room listening to Lamacq whilst studying for my exams, I have had a favourite record label. This is unashamedly the mark of an indie geek/snob. Over the years, Fantastic Plastic, Jeepster, Fence and Matador have all found themselves in my good books. Now a new label has come and dethroned them all. That label is the magical, WeePop! Records.

It seems like a long long time since I’ve seen a more committed little label run with the sole intention of adding a little sunshine in our otherwise weary world but WeePop! do it was a grace and charm only seen in small DIY labels. Since their first release in June, the team has amassed a fine group of bands and artists. Most excitingly are Scottish popsters The Just Joans, Pocketbooks side project, Sunny Intervals and Desmond Reed, a young and overtly talented troubadour from Massachusetts. His Guinea Pigs EP is released via WeePop! and like all of their releases is strictly limited and produced on a micro 3” CD. I advise you to grab hold of it ASAP. It’s a charming collection of laid-back pop songs, which sounds like a down-tempo Apples in Stereo crossed with a less jangly Teenage Fanclub all performed by a prozac happy Ryan Adams. It’s a musically and lyrically accomplished body of work from a guy who is clearly intent on making very classy tunes. A full album release is hopefully not too far away and if this is anything to go by, it should be an absolute beast!

Desmond Reed - Neat

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