Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Klaxons Take The Mercury

Despite being one of the biggest grossing albums of 2007 and the catalyst for the whole "New Rave" fashion trends, Klaxons victory at the Nationwide Mercury prize last night was bordering on surprise. Most on the on-the-night hype was with the charming Bat For Lashes and the resident drunkard Amy Winehouse, both of whom put in much better performances in front of their peers, judges and industry types at The Dorchester.

Personally, I'm quite chuffed, this has been a year for New Rave and I think it's pioneers deserve recognition. As an album it's actually reasonably accomplished (far more than their live show) and whilst it seems to follow the KLF's "How To Have A Number One The Easy Way", there are some excellent stand alone tracks. Granted, there are evidently better albums, but more deserved...that's a tough one. Klaxons as a unit work VERY hard and their almost non-stop touring is tribute to this. OK,so their no James Brown (R.I.P.) but the effort they've taken to secure this is massive and was evident by the tears last night and the all-night drinking that followed...and let's not forget, they're South East London boys as well!

Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow

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