Thursday, 2 August 2007

Mercury Music Prize

Yeah Yeah, I know, I'm a disgrace to the Blogging fraternity.

As it happens EGNTS have recently relocated it's operations and I'm currently Broadbandless and it'll take 'em 3 weeks to reconnect me. What century is this????

Anyway enough gripes. The only real impact this will have is that the cutting edge choones of choice will be lacking due to blogging taking place at work.

So with that dealt with: on with the show...

The Nationwide Mercury Prize (nee. Mercury Music Prize) announced it's nominees last week. Unsurprisingly it was the usual tawdry bunch of faces getting nods from their peers.

Leading the nominations by the Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons and The View. The middle order of Jamie T, Amy Winehouse and the Young Knives together with former winner Dizzee Rascal looks slightly more inspired (in the mosr MOR way possible) and the tail enders (whom are due a win) include Irish folk warbler Fionn Regan (never know the Republic was in Great Britain but never mind), James Chapman's Maps moniker and Jarvis Cocker's fave, Bat for Lashes. Personally, I think this is one of the weakest list in years. The 2006 list was actually a top effort with a number of worthy winners, this year, who knows? It's unlikely to be a high-charting act following on from Arctic Monkeys last year. Both head and heart tell me, Jamie T is the man for 2007, there'll be a big push from rank outsider closer to the day (being September 4th).

As always, the certain acts are conspicuous by their absences:

Kasabian - "Empire": Allegedly the best album EVER (which I thought was lad-rock piss) has not been added, bit of a surprise

Bloc Party - "Weekend in the City": Arguably the soundtrack for all my fellow 20-something London dwellers. Personally one of my favourite records despite critical indifference.

Gallows - "Orchestra of Wolves": The hardcore bands never get their chance, this was by far the most likely candidate but even more sedate alternatives missed out...

Enter Shikari - "Take to the Skies": Sounding as smooth as Dean Martin compared to Gallows but hugely popular with the cool-crowd.

James Yorkston - "Year of the Leopard": Would have been my personal choice as the 'Folk Entry'. Ticks all the Mercury boxes but maybe lacks a push from Domino in the presence of the Arctic Monkeys. Outshines Fionn Regan's rather average debut.

The Maccabees - "Colour it in": Another EGNTS favourite. Probably the best of the London scene breakthroughs although Jamie T's effort is noteworthy.

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